University of Auckland Centre for Earthquake Engineering Research

Our research

Our active research programme includes staff and graduate research, undergraduate projects and externally contracted research work.

Current research areas

Find out more about some of the research projects currently being conducted at the centre in these fields of expertise:

  • Liquefaction

    Liquefaction results in ground settlements and lateral spreading, causing extensive damage to residential houses, buried pipelines, and other infrastructure.

  • Assessment of structures

    Developing strategies, tools and technologies for a quick post-earthquake assessment of structural damage.

  • Infrastructure

    Liquefaction and associated ground deformations are major geotechnical hazards to civil engineering infrastructure. The objective is to develop earthquake-resistant underground pipe system.

  • Tsunami

    This project focuses on the resilience of structures to tsunami in New Zealand.

Past research showcases

Previous research conducted in the centre includes the following projects of interest:

International collaboration

The New Zealand Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NZNEES) represents a network of communal experimental and computational infrastructure for earthquake engineering research in New Zealand. It is a network that takes advantage of the latest digital information technologies to overcome the obstacle of distance. It acts as a vehicle to interface with other similar networks overseas and permits New Zealand researchers to participate equally in the new global forum, collaborate with likeminded leading experts worldwide and access state-of-the-art resources and the global research funding pool.

New Zealand Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (NZNEES)